Tando Composites

Tando Composites

With Tando Siding, you no longer have to choose between low maintenance and authentic beauty. Our products bring the enduring charm of real cedar and stone right to your home, all while making upkeep a breeze. Elevate your exterior walls into stunning canvases that blend diverse materials seamlessly.

Tando Composites

Imagine if natural cedar shingles could stay looking “perfect,” just like the day they were installed, for the life of a home. Beach House Shake’s innovative composite technology delivers a new level of authenticity along with architectural precision. Every individual shingle is unique with the subtle, natural nuances of cedar shingles.

Preferred by siding installers, TandoStone, the leading brand of composite stone, has turned the stone siding market upside down. Without compromising on beauty or performance, TandoStone installs in a fraction of the time of stone or stone veneer with standard siding tools. And once an installer switches to TandoStone, they never go back.

TandoShake® is the original and most iconic shake on the market. Tando offers the broadest range of profiles to meet any architectural style and add instant curb appeal.

Upkeep Meets Uncompromising Beauty.

Whether you’re pairing Tando with other facade materials like authentic wood, fiber cement, or stucco, or opting to use it on its own, Tando consistently offers three unbeatable advantages: unparalleled authenticity, boundless design options, and top-notch moisture resistance.

Beach House Shake

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