Exterior Portfolio Siding

Exterior Portfolio Siding

Discover the lasting beauty of Exterior Portfolio—vinyl siding that combines durability and curb appeal, making your home a masterpiece.

Exterior Portfolio Siding

Exterior Portfolio Board & Batten Siding vertical pattern profile allows you to layer on an exterior look that resonates warmth and versatility. It conveys the genuine curb appeal of real wood, while thriving as a streamlined, contemporary accent. Powerful presence is well matched to a rich color range, no-worry durability and a reassuring lack of […]

Looking to add a feeling of handcrafted elegance to your exterior? Our Carolina Sands® Siding Beaded profile conveys curb appeal that’s simultaneously traditional and truly versatile. It projects the crisp silhouette of natural cedar, while easily standing up to time, weather, wear, and tear.

CRANEBOARD® solid core siding® is innovative thermal resistance and low-maintenance technology wrapped in powerful curb appeal. one look is all you need to feel its authentic cedar grain presence.

Whether you seek to express a clean, contemporary look, amplify the elegance of your home style or convey something more traditional, Elm Grove™ Siding styles give you true design flexibility. Every one of them projects the look of natural cedar while thwarting time, weather, wear and tear.

Imagine a space in your home where you can relax and feel inspired every day. A place that’s not just beautiful but also requires little to no maintenance. If you think such a place doesn’t exist, think again. It’s closer and more attainable than you might think.

Color, texture, depth, emotion, form, and function all come together in portsmouth™ shake & shingles siding. Richly realized in warm cedar, rustic hand-split shake, and charming, elegant half-round accents.

Soffits safeguard your roof rafters and keep your attic ventilated, all without demanding much upkeep or the need for repainting. Available in subtle woodgrain, matte, and brush finishes, they pair effortlessly with almost any type of siding and suit a variety of architectural tastes. Choose from an extensive palette of classic and bold colors.

Certified Building Products Premium Siding Selections

Certified Building Products has over 26 years of experience distributing and stocking the Exterior Portfolio / Crane product line. With over 3000 Square in stock at our Philipsburg, PA warehouse.

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