What's under your siding matters.

Your home deserves the best. Reside it right with Polar’s top-tier insulation and house wrap for unbeatable performance. We guarantee our vinyl siding installations come with this critical protection, securing a comfortable and enduring home.

Your home deserves the best. Reside it right with Polar’s top-tier insulation and house wrap for u... more...
Insulation & House Wrap

Insulation & House Wrap

Underneath It All: The Foundation of Siding Durability"

When it comes to siding, what lies beneath is just as crucial as the visible exterior. Quality house wrap and rigid insulation are the silent guardians of your home, providing a robust shield against the elements and ensuring that your investment stands the test of time. These protective layers lock out moisture, guard against energy leaks, and bolster the durability of your siding, all while helping to maintain a comfortable, energy-efficient living space. By investing in premium underlayment materials, you're not just installing siding; you're fortifying your home's defense against weather and time.

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WeatherAll® XL

WeatherAll® XL offers professional quality materials for professional results. High-performance polystyrene insulation bonded to proven weather-resistant facers provides long-term durability and delivers value throughout the years.

weatherALL XL House wrap

EPS Rigid Foam Insulation Boards

EPS rigid foam insulation boards are made from expanded polystyrene, a lightweight, rigid, plastic foam insulation material that resists moisture and maintains its insulating capability over time. They are commonly used in the construction industry for a variety of insulation applications because of their good thermal resistance, structural strength, and ease of installation.

EPS boards are versatile and can be used in walls, roofs, and under slabs, offering a durable solution that helps to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They can also be used in the manufacturing of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and structural insulated panels (SIPs), contributing to energy-efficient building designs.

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Protect your siding investment by demaning premium quality house wraps and insulating panels.

Interested in superior house wrap insulation? Reach out for a quote and ask about our current promotions and financing options to boost your home’s curb appeal and internal comfort!"